Donate to Wendell Baptist Church

One way that we worship God is through the giving of our tithes and offerings! We know that it is convenient to offer you tithes and offerings online, along with the other monetary transactions that you make on the internet, thus we offer Online Giving. Online Giving is safe and easy and everything you do in our Donation Center is encrypted with 256-bit SSL encryption.

See below for step by step instructions on how to setup online giving through our Website or through you Bank. 

Pay Directly from Bank (without church occurring a fee)

Each bank's website will be slightly different, but here is how the basic process works: 

1. Log on to your bank's website and click on the link for the "Bill Pay" feature. 

2. Add the church as a Payee. 

3. Set up a Recurring Payment to be sent to the church on a scheduled basis (weekly, monthly, etc.). You can also send a one-time gift (e.g., for a special annual offering). 

4. Each time you make a gift (either one-time or recurring), the bank will mail a check to the church. This check will be deposited into the church's bank account just like a regular, handwritten check

Clover Give Directions

Tithes and Offering online

Do you find yourself forgetting to bring your tithe on Sundays? No worries; you can easily set it up so that your tithe is automatically withdrawn from your bank account by following these simple steps...

  1. Click Make A Donation above.
  2. Choose which fund to give to (General Fund or Funding the Future).
  3. Enter the desired amount in the Enter Amount field
  4. Check box to Make This Gift Recurring.
  5. If you choose Make This Gift Recurring (If will ask you to complete the Register for an Account)
  6. If it is a one time donation continue straight to step 7
  7. Choose Credit Card or Bank Account for how you would like to give
  8. Complete Credit Card or Bank Account information
  9. Complete the Billing Information fields.
  10. Click Make Donation.
  11. If you have issues signing up or need to cancel a donation, please reach out to the church office and we can help to completed or troubleshoot.