Wendell Egg Hunt Volunteer Descriptions

Thank you so much for your interest in The Wendell Egg Hunt. Over the last 8 years this has grown from a small 30-40 people, to a 2500-3000 person event. There is no way we could do this if it weren’t for amazing volunteers. Each of these volunteer areas will have a team leader that will be the contact person and help with the organization that day.

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Job Descriptions Below

  • Inviters (12)

    Team Leaders: Scott and Leslie Hunt

    These are the friendly folks who walk around and welcome people. They are typically the good conversation starters, very outgoing. They need to be very aware of egg hunt times so they can answer questions guests may have. 

  • Registration Table (50-60)

    Team Leaders: Bonnie Parrish, Lisa Whitley, Tracey Brooks

    We will have 3 registration tables set up with hopefully 15-20 people there to help register guests. Why? The registration table is our first face to face contact with guests. It’s our opportunity to welcome them, give them the information map, and give them their arm bands. Last year we wrote kids names down, but this year we will simply register them by age and move on. Each station needs 2 people, one to talk to the guests and the other to get their “welcome packet” and armband ready. This is where communication must happen. The egg hunt times are clearly communicated to each person. Example: “Ok, you are 6 years old, so your egg hunt time is at _______. It’s also on this info sheet. We’re so glad you’re here. Have fun and if you need anything please don’t hesitate to ask someone at our guests services tent!”

  • Parking (6-8)

    Team Leader: Joey Montgomery

    Parking is logistically the hardest part of the entire egg hunt. We must utilize every open space at the community center, and work with Wendell Police on traffic control. 

  • Popcorn (4-6)

    Team Leaders: Greg and Leslie Stocks

    Everyone loves the popcorn station. The popcorn is free for everybody. We will have the popcorn machine setup and ready to roll. One person need to hand out, the other fills bags. It’s important to have people to switch out so that the volunteers aren’t steadily handing out popcorn for 2 hours. 

  • Water Station (4-6)

    Team Leaders: Daniel and Cristy Boone

    We will have coolers available and cups. The water comes from the community center. We will need people to hand out the water, and helpers to go back and forth to refill the coolers. This is a relatively busy station, especially if it’s hot outside. 

  • Face Painting (6)

    Team Leader: Pam Smith

    We don’t do any elaborate designs. We have the templates already. Quick and easy is the way to go. We will provide the paint. 

  • Inflatables (14-16)

    Team Leader: Ashley McLamb

    Inflatable attendants are responsible for child safety in the inflatables. They make sure the kids are following the rules and moving through quickly. 

  • Info Tent (6)

    Team Leaders: Jeff and Tina Pell

    This is a tent set up at the entrance of the fields that can give guests info. It serves as the connection point for lost kids, as well as the EMS station.  

  • Runners (10)

    Team Leader: Michelle Curtis

    Runners are extra “floaters” that can assist any area that needs help. They are also crucial in communication between volunteer teams and leadership. If there is an issue. 

  • Set up/ Tear Down (20)

    Team Leader: Les Pippin

    Arrives early and stays late. Mainly helps with inflatables and organization of tables and chairs. It doesn’t take that long, especially with as many volunteers as we have. Some people are able to be both setup and tear down, others can only do one or the other. This is fine, we just need to make sure we have enough people for both. Tear down goes super quick as well. 

  • Egg Hiders (30+)

    Team Leaders: Andre and Samantha Young

    We have 15,000 eggs this year. Bags are separated by 1,000. Egg hiders will spread the eggs across the fields. This year we will also need them to help form a “barrier” so that kids and parents do not start early.